QZAB Extension Update — Good News

Dear State QZAB Director,

We have been able to get preliminary bipartisan support in the U.S. Congress for a 2-year QZAB extension. In order to get such support, our Foundation promised to:

  1. Set aside $80 million for the QZAB match
  2. Deploy State University of New York (SUNY) to help LEAs set up effective QZAB academies, as required by the QZAB law
  3. Set up QZAB academies in the districts of key Congressmen
  4. Help increase the use of QZAB funds from the current 50% to 80% nationally

It is not a done deal. We need your help. So, please inform your QZAB-eligible LEAs to seek assistance with all aspects of QZAB at www.qzab.org

See below an uplifting message from a passionate PA supt. re: QZAB. Working together, we CAN make a difference! Have a great happy day!

  1. Our love and prayers are with the people of France in these historically challenging times. Our Foundation (NEF) has offered to send our French-speaking trainers from Mauritius to set up job skills training academies for the disaffected youth, especially the Muslim youth, in the poor communities around Paris. Let us all hope and pray that the Paris incident would spur actions by the world, national and local leaders and communities around the world leading to a safer and more peaceful world!