QZAB Extension –Good News!

Message from NEF Chairman Dr. Appu Kuttan to all 50 State QZAB Directors re: QZAB Extension

December 3, 2014

The U.S. House just passed H.R. 5771 The Tax Extender Bill including a 1-year extension for QZAB for $400 million. The Senate would probably pass it soon, although it wanted a 2-year extension. I will keep you posted. As I told you before, the House Ways & Means Chairman was against QZAB extension. I had to promise to set up world-class QZAB STEM academies in the districts of key Republican members of the Ways & Means to get the Chairman to agree to QZAB extension.

According to the House and Senate leadership, you have to do your best to get most of the QZAB funds from 2013 and 2014 (being passed) allocations utilized, and also include provisions for a new quality QZAB academy (to “prepare students better for college and workforce”)  in your QZAB applications to ensure QZAB extension for 2015. We will be glad to assist your LEAs by giving the most recognized 10% match and the QZAB academy, both mandated by the QZAB law.

Working together, we CAN make a difference (our mission) in the lives of millions of our QZAB-eligible LEA students, teachers and parents! Thank you.

PS. Some of you still have most or all of the QZAB allocations for 2012, expiring on 12/31/14. Our Foundation can help any interested LEAs to get those funds in the short time. Please ask any interested LEA to contact us at www.qzab.org  for the mandated 10% match, the required QZAB academy and financing assistance. We will be glad to assist them, and demonstrate to the Congress that we CAN help to get most QZAB funds committed.

Have a great happy day, week and year!