QZAB Match Mandated by the QZAB law
Note: To secure QZAB Extension, NEF has promised the Congress that it will provide QZAB Match donation (cash + top-rated STEM+ courses) to any QZAB-eligible School District/Charter School  in any state.
According to the IRS, the Match must be 10%+ of the QZAB amount and must be:
1. Relevant to the QZAB Academy
2. Below fair market value (documentation needed) 
3. Discounts not allowed
Click here to see all our courses donated by NEF as QZAB Match: https://www.nefuniversity.org/certification-prep-courses
 We offer the largest library (5,500+ courses) of top-rated web-based personalized courses for K-12 (mapped to every state’s standards),       IT, Business, Management and Personal/Professional Development:
  • K-8: Math, ELA (Pearson SuccessMaker — top-rated by the U.S. Department of Education) and Digital Literacy by SUNY
  • 9-12: Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies (Pearson GradPoint– top-rated by the U.S. Department of Education)
  • 9-12:  SAT/ACT (Top-rated)
  • 9-12:  Career Tech (Top-rated)
  • IT: 5,000+ top-rated courses by Skillsoft including 100 IT certifications from basic (Microsoft Office) to advanced (Internet Security)
  • Business, Management, Personal/Professional Development: 650+ top-rated courses and videos by Skillsoft including certifications in Project Management