NEF CyberLearning’s 2014 National STEM Award Goes to Tri-Valley Schools in PA

McLean, VA- May 22, 2014 The award ceremony will take place May 28th at Tri-Valley High School, Valley View PA.

National Education Foundation (NEF), the national non-profit leader in bridging the STEM education divides, and its academy partner  State University of New York(SUNY)  announced today the 2014 STEM Leadership Award winner, Tri-Valley School District in PA. The Award carries $10,000 and plaques.

The award ceremony will take place May 28th at Tri-Valley High School, Valley View, PA.

Tr-Valley is being honored for exemplary implementation of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, English…) Academy Total System Solution program including personalized learning, motivational rewards, mentoring, teacher training, teacher awards and parent incentives.

At Tri-Valley, the average student among the 491 participants advanced one grade level in math and reading in 22 and best online casino 26 hours respectively—a remarkable achievement.

Each year the National Education Foundation recognizes a school district in the U.S. for outstanding achievement in STEM education.

NEF Chairman Dr. Appu Kuttan, a recognized leader in STEM educationas well as education and management systems, states  “ what Tri-Valley has demonstrated is that even a poor rural school district can provide high-quality cost-effective world-class education to its students by implementing NEF’s Total System Solution. We hope to replicate Tri-Valley’s success in schools across the U.S by expanding our program currently in 16 states.”

Invitees to the award ceremony include distinguished educators, PA school officials, county commissioners  and NEF partners including Pearson, Skillsoft. And TEK Systems. The ceremony is open to the public and will begin at 1:20pm.

Seattle’s Aki Kurose and Warren County School District (PA) will also be recognized for their distinguished achievements with their STEM Academy programs.

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