Message to All 50 State QZAB Directors Re: Invitation to NEF’s National QZAB STEM Academy Award at Martins Ferry, Ohio

Dear State QZAB Director,

I would personally like to invite you to our 2016-17 National STEM Leadership Award ($10,000) ceremony at Martins Ferry City Schools, Ohio on May 19th. Martins Ferry students advanced one grade level in math and reading in 29 and 27 learning hours respectively, and improved attendance and engagement significantly–a remarkable achievement! This is a great opportunity for you to observe a typical QZAB STEM+ Academy implemented by NEF and the State University of New York (SUNY), and meet dignitaries and merit award winners from several states.

QZAB: In terms of the QZAB Match and QZAB Academy, both Federal mandates, we do a lot more than what the law requires, since our mission is to “prepare students better for college and the rigors of the workforce,” with quantifiable performance results, as the QZAB law requires. As you can see, we do it better than any other organization in the U.S. by guaranteeing: 1) Student performance —Most K-8 students can advance a grade level in a subject like math in 25-35 learning hours; 2) College credits—high school students can earn SUNY college credits for $60 (vs $680 regular fee) per credit hour, with a 90% subsidy.

What distinguishes the NEF-SUNY academy program from others are: Most cost-effective, Complete (STEM+ Academics mapped to every state’s standards, STEM Application via STEM contests with cash awards up to $50,000, and Hands-on STEM) , Performance guarantees, No cost professional development for teachers and parents via 3,000 top-rated IT, CTE, Business and Soft Skills courses with live online teachers, cash grants to LEAs for student motivational awards, teacher stipends and flexible hands-on STEM programs.

Mission: To alleviate the serious STEM-skilled worker shortage our nation faces, our national mission is to provide world-class holistic STEM+ education to a million students, teachers and parents via QZAB and the $100 Million NEF-SUNY STEM Grant (80% to 100%) program!

Please let us know if you’re able to attend. If you request, we can make travel and lodging (for May 18) arrangements. RSVP to Tamara Stephens, or 703-823-9999 ASAP.

“Pushup Running” Champion at Age 74- NEF’s Dr. Appu Kuttan; Fitness Contest at Lehighton, PA Schools, May, 2016

Fitness Contest: Martins Ferry students and teachers, who read my recent book (Happy Executive: A Systems Approach to Happiness – Nurturing Mind, Body and Soul) have challenged me (this soon-to-be 76-year old), to a fitness contest – the winner gets $1,000 cash award and certificates from NEF and SUNY! This contest is part of NEF’s national mission to provide much-needed fitness programs in all our academies. It will be a lot of fun to inspire our youth through action, as I did in helping to create 3 world tennis champions, and winning the fitness contest last year at Lehighton SD, PA!



You are welcome to participate!


Dr. Appu Kuttan
Founder and Chairman
National Education Foundation (NEF), founded in 1989
U.S. Non-profit Leader in STEM+ Education and QZAB K-12 Funding