Message to All 50 State QZAB Directors from NEF Chairman

QZAB Extension- A Step Closer, After My White House Meeting

Dear State QZAB Director,

The White House is in support of the QZAB Extension, after hearing our STEM Vision for America (that includes QZAB) last Thursday. If we all work together, we can achieve this vision — to rapidly increase our country’s STEM education and job skills (see detailed description below in my email to the White House STEM advisor Rob Goad) with minimal Federal cost. The National Education Foundation (NEF), the national non-profit leader in STEM education and QZAB, and the State University of New York (SUNY), the largest university in the U.S., have partnered to create the most cost-effective STEM Academies, including QZAB Academies.

Working with you, your LEAs and the White House, we can provide a million students in our disadvantaged LEAs with complete (Academic + Application + Hands-on) STEM education and job skills next year, and go on to double the students being prepared every year, so that over the next four years we can bring back the 8 million STEM jobs being outsourced annually. By working together, we CAN raise our students from the bottom 12% to the top 20% in global math rankings! These are essential patriotic goals for all of us!

Now, we need your help: Email me a message/letter supporting QZAB extension and effective QZAB academies, AND please forward this email and ask the superintendents of LEA’s , which have received QZAB allocations, to email me a message of support for the QZAB extension and effective QZAB academies ( Also, please ask LEAs, interested in QZABs, to contact us.

We have assembled a bipartisan group of Congressmen and Senators, who can get QZAB extended, but only with these letters of support. On behalf of our disadvantaged QZAB-eligible LEAs and their students, I sincerely thank you.

Subject: RE: [EXTERNAL] RE: White House Meeting re: STEM VISION FOR AMERICA

Dear Rob,

It was a real pleasure for me to meet with you and Jake. Thank you very much for your time and your passion for the STEM Vision for America, which I outlined, via high-quality, most cost-effective, complete (Academic + Application + Hands-on) STEM solution for K-12 students in our disadvantaged LEAs! We can help prepare a million students for STEM jobs in year 1, and help double every year, so that we can help bring back in 4 years the 8 million STEM jobs being outsourced annually. Working together, we CAN help raise our students from the bottom 12% in math in global rankings to the top 20%.

 Please let me know the next steps re:

  1. STEM via the $200 Million White House Initiative: Your idea for connecting me with Secretary Betsy Devos and Dept. of Education director in charge of the White House STEM initiative, is a good one. If they specify a matching grant, say 80%, from applicants for the $200 million program, NEF and SUNY (State University of New York) will be glad to provide our 80% matching grant, thus helping to reach 5 times more students (690,000 students with our matching grant vs 138,000), as we discussed.
  2. STEM via QZAB: As we discussed, I have asked James Brandell, whom you know from your days in Congress, and his associates to connect with you, since you know about QZAB and have offered to assist. They have been working with NEF on a strategy to get QZAB extension including strengthening the Federally mandated QZAB Match and QZAB Academyto help “prepare students for college and (STEM) workforce,” as mandated by the QZAB law. As I said, NEF and SUNY are prepared to set aside $40 million annually for QZAB Match donation for all applicants nationwide, and are also willing to provide an education plan to set up and evaluate effective QZAB STEM Academies on a weekly basis for all QZAB applicants. Thus, we can provide 100,000 students world-class STEM education via QZAB Academies in 2018, and double every year.
  3. STEM via NEF-SUNY Adopt-A-School Program: As we discussed, the program goal here is to reach 210,000 students. NEF-SUNY would provide job skills training for employers at 30% below their current cost, and use the fees collected to provide 100% grantto schools. Please connect me with corporate CEOs/Human Resource directors/Industry and education Association heads etc. to accelerate this program.
  4. DC STEM Academy: NEF will start to set up an NEF-SUNY STEM Academy in a DC charter/public school. Your offer of help is appreciated.
  5. Visit to an NEF-SUNY STEM Academy: As you suggested, we can arrange for a visit by you to an NEF-SUNY QZAB STEM Academy at Steubenville, OH  (close to Pittsburgh) or Lehighton, PA (an hour outside Philly). Just let me know a day good for you.

Rob, NEF and SUNY have no monetary interest. We are vision and mission driven. Working together, with your passion and Reed’s passion and Ivanka’s passion for STEM, we CAN make the President’s STEM vision for America, that I outlined, a reality, just like how I helped Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s IT vision for India come true.  Together, we CAN help prepare a million students, especially women and disadvantaged, in STEM in 2018, and double it every year!