Message from the Steubenville, Ohio Supt. re: QZAB

August, 15, 2014

rick_ranalloSteubenville, Ohio Supt. Rick Ranallo, recently  announced, “I looked at all the STEM programs available, and found NEF’s Total Solution STEM academy system to be incredibly cost-effective– providing world-class STEM education at a fraction of the market cost. NEF provided us 50% matching grant, far more than the Federally mandated 10% match, and helped us to get $3 million in QZAB funds. We signed a 5-year agreement for the QZAB STEM academy funded by QZAB, thus requiring no out-of-pocket expenses. NEF also helped us to find an energy company and a bank to finance the QZAB at zero-interest.  NEF is also funding at no cost professional development academies for our teachers and parents, and certificates from NEF’s QZAB academy partner, the acclaimed State University of New York (SUNY). Delighted with the $3 million savings over 5 years, our board unanimously approved the project. I casino very much appreciate NEF’s passion for “preparing our students better for college and workforce, “ as mandated by the Federal QZAB law. NEF Chairman and philanthropist Dr. Appu Kuttan is my hero, since he helped me to bring to fruition my vision and legacy. I have invited Dr. Kuttan to launch the program on September 12, 2014 in the presence of our mayor, congressmen, senators, community leaders, students, teachers, parents and the press. At the event, Dr. Kuttan would also offer college scholarships to the QZAB academy students, an incredibly generous offer.”