Message from NEF Chairman to All State QZAB Directors Re: QZAB Extension

February 16, 2016

Dear State QZAB Director,

IRS just published the QZAB allocation for 2015 ($400 million) and 2016 ($400 million). See for your state’s allocations. You can now go ahead and issue allocations to qualified (35% or more students on F/R meals) LEAs without waiting for any other directives. Please feel free to call me at 703-823-9999 with any questions.

As you know, we spearheaded the efforts to get the QZAB extended. It is safe to say that without our concerted efforts, there would have been no QZAB extension. As the national non-profit leader in QZAB and STEM, and having given over $120 million in QZAB Match, we promised the Congress that we will assist any eligible LEA in any state or territory to meet the 2 Federal mandates, namely the QZAB Match and the QZAB Academy. To this end, we have set aside $80 million towards the QZAB Match, and have partnered with the acclaimed State University of New York (SUNY), the largest university in the U.S., to assist LEAs with the QZAB Academy at a world-class level. Last year, students at our academies advanced one grade level in a subject like math in 25 learning hours. See the SUNY-NEF QZAB Academy video at:

Our QZAB goal is to ensure 90% of the new QZAB allocations are deployed (vs 50% last few years nationally), so that we can convince the Congress to make QZAB permanent.

We need your help. So, please inform your QZAB-eligible LEAs to seek assistance with all aspects of QZAB at

Our STEM goal is to provide world-class STEM+ education to a million students of disadvantaged schools nationally. QZAB academy will help us in this regard.

Working together, we CAN “make a difference” (our mission)! Have a great happy 2016!