Message from NEF Chairman to all 50 State QZAB Directors, October 11, 2017

Message from NEF Chairman to all 50 State QZAB Directors, October 11, 2017

October 11, 2017

Re: White House, QZAB Extension, QZAB Academy

Dear State QZAB Director,

I just got a message from the White House seeking our advice and assistance on a $200 Million national K-12 STEM initiative focused on disadvantaged schools, students and women- the same as our QZAB target population!

Hopefully, this will help our efforts to get QZAB extended by Congress!

Meanwhile, Congress is very impressed with our QZAB Academies focused on STEM education- a top priority for Congress. This also helps our efforts re: QZAB extension.

Great news! NEF-SUNY (State University of New York) QZAB STEM Academies last week posted these phenomenal results:

  1. Steubenville, OH: “Two of our elem schools were ranked in the top ten in the state of Ohio for highest performing schools. Pugliese West is ranked #2 in the state, and Wells is ranked #6 in the state.”
  2. Berwick, PA : “Berwick Area High School has been named as a 2017 National Blue Ribbon School by United States Secretary of Education- the highest honor a U.S. school can receive.”

Ask any of your LEAs interested in replicating the above accomplishments to contact us. Our kids need lots of help- effective QZAB Academies can help them to get much-in-demand STEM degrees and jobs!

We can assist your LEAs to become top STEM programs in the US via:

  1. effective QZAB Academies designed to “prepare students better for college and workforce,” as mandated by the QZAB law
  2. $100 Million NEF-SUNY STEM Grants (80% grant)
  3. NEF-SUNY Adopt-A-School STEM Grants (100% grant)  

Our national mission goal is to help “prepare a million disadvantaged students better for college and (STEM) workforce,” so that we can help raise US students from the bottom 12% to the top 20% in global STEM rankings!

NEF is the national non-profit leader in STEM grants and QZAB Match & Academy, and SUNY, State University of New York, is the largest university in the US.

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