Message from NEF Chairman Dr. Appu Kuttan to all the state QZAB directors re: QZAB Extension

January 3, 2013

Dear State QZAB Director,

Congress passed the Fiscal Cliff bill last night, thus extending QZAB for 2 years. The 2012 and 2013 QZAB allocations, $400 million each, will be available after the U.S. Treasury makes the state allocations.

We will notify you as soon as that happens.

Thank you all for your emails, phone Calls and faxes to Speaker Boehner and Republican Congressmen and Senators. According to the Congressional leaders, further extension of QZAB will depend on:

1)    Much higher % of QZAB funds being used—currently, it is less than 50% nationally, and one major reason for that is the difficulty in obtaining appropriate 10% match

2)    School Districts setting up effective QZAB academies, working with business/nonprofit partners— currently, many school districts do not set up effective academies, risking suspension of their QZABs in case of IRS audits.

To achieve these, at the request of the Administration and many members of Congress, we have put together a public-private partnership including financial institutions (to provide QZAB funding), the State University of New York and local universities (to set up world-class QZAB academies) and National Education Foundation (to provide the most recognized 10% QZAB match donation in terms of K-12 interactive individualized courses in STEM, ELA, Social Studies, SAT/ACT, IT and Business – many rated at the top by the U.S. Education Dept.). Our QZAB academy solution enables a student to online casino advance a grade level in a subject such as math or reading in 20-30 learning hours.

So, please notify the QZAB-eligible school districts in your state that they can contact us for the 10% match, QZAB academy and help with the funding. Thus, we can put QZAB in a strong position for further extensions.

Again, thank you for your continued strong support for QZAB. Working together, we CAN help provide much-needed funds for our disadvantaged schools in these fiscally challenging times, while helping to provide world-class STEM skills for the students (via effective QZAB academies), so that they can compete effectively in the global economy—currently U.S. is ranked 25th out of 35 countries in math and science! We can change that via our effective QZAB academies!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Have a wonderful and productive 2013!

Best regards,

Dr. Appu Kuttan
Founder and Chairman
National Education Foundation (NEF) & CyberLearning

Father of ‘cyberlearning’
2011 University of Wisconsin Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient
National and Global Nonprofit Leader in Bridging the Academic & Job Skills Divides via Digital Education Solutions

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