Launch/Supplement a complete, proven STEM – FLDOE has $50 Million!

NEF Chairman’s Message to Supts and Principals re: White House-supported STEM Grants for 1 Million Students


Dear Superintendent,

If you are interested in Launching or Supplementing or Complimenting  a complete, most cost-effective, proven STEM+ Academy,  apply for 80%-100% grant at

If you wish to participate, with NO out-of-pocket cost, NEF and SUNY, both non-profits, can provide the required match donation and STEM Academy to help secure federal QZAB funds. $300 Million available nationally, given out on a first-come, first-served basis.  Districts and schools with 35% or more students on F/R meal programs are eligible to participate. Go to to apply and for program details and state allocations.

See below the message I presented on October 27, 2017 at the National Supts Roundtable conference in San Francisco. It was well received:


As proposed by NEF Chairman at a Private White House Meeting on October 19, 2017

The National Education Foundation (NEF), the national non-profit leader in total STEM education solutions, and the State University of New York (SUNY), the largest university in the U.S., have partnered to create effective STEM Academies, capable of educating 1 Million Students in STEM for the same cost as the current White House Proposal, which is why the White House is excited to support NEF’s Vision.

  • White House Grant: $200 Million to educate 138,000 students at $1,450 each.

1)    80% STEM Grant (schools pay only $290 per student per year)

2)  100% Adopt-A-School Grant (schools pay $0, employers pay 70% of their current employee training cost

  • Our grants help 1,000,000 students, for the same cost as the federal government.

NEF-SUNY STEM Program consists of:

  1. STEM ACADEMIES, mapped to every state’s standards, provide 24/7 individualized learning in STEM+ subjects from basic math, and reading to Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing and Calculus. One of our NEF-SUNY STEM high schools- Berwick ASD, PA won the national Blue Ribbon award. Two of our elementary schools at Steubenville, Ohio are ranked 2nd and 6th among all elementary schools in Ohio.
  2. STEM DESIGN CONTESTS: Student teams learn coding and design at levels appropriate to their age (Smart House Design for K-5 students, Smart Town for Grade 6-8 students, and Smart City for HS students), winning cash prizes at school, district, state and national levels ($100,000 prize money with 100 or more school districts participating).
  3. STEM LABS that provide hands-on STEM training and enable students to learn valuable STEM career skills, thus preparing them to enter college or take a STEM job, right after high school graduation.

The market cost of providing all the 3 modules above is $1,450 per student per year.

  1. a)      Our program reduces the costs to $290 per student per year, with our 80% matching grant.
  2. b)      We give back up to 100% of that cost for: academic software, contest design software, STEM hands-on, stipends, student incentives, contest cash prizes, teacher professional development, job skills training for parents, support and weekly evaluation by SUNY, college credits, tech support, funds for fitness, etc.

Here’s how we finance it: $300 Million available nationally with the Federal QZAB funds.  NEF and SUNY, both non-profits, can provide the required match donation to help secure federal Qualified Zone Academy Bond program (QZAB) funds. Districts and schools with 35% or more students on Free- and Reduced-Price meal programs are eligible to participate. Go to to apply and for program details and state allocations.

Win-Win-Win for our school districts/schools, our Nation, and most-importantly our students, especially populations traditionally under-educated in STEM such as low socioeconomic status and girls.

Launch or supplement a complete, most cost-effective, proven STEM Academy!

Apply at