Great News re: NEF and QZAB– Message to All 50 State QZAB Directors

Dear State QZAB Director,
Great news! The very influential World Economic Forum (based in Switzerland) has selected NEF for the prestigious Global STEM and Skill Development Leadership Award.  Former winners include the Gates Foundation. Thank you for your continued support for QZAB and QZAB Academies, a cornerstone of our U.S. schools program with our partner, the acclaimed State University of New York (SUNY).

Remember, “A” in QZAB stands for Academy. Please make sure that your QZAB LEAs implement QZAB academies that “help prepare students better for college and workforce,” as required by the QZAB law. So, as requested by the Congress, please include this in your QZAB application section on QZAB Academy:  “The education comprehensive plan should specify how many students will be trained in which academic areas using what resources, when the program will be implemented, who will direct the implementation and evaluation, and how the evaluation (pre- and post-tests) will be accomplished.” Many of you have already done so. If not, please do so.

IRS has asked us to inform you that you should include this in the QZAB application section on QZAB Match: “Match contribution must be at reasonable fair market value and relevant to the QZAB academy. Discounts are not acceptable.”

Please feel free to call me if we can assist you or your LEAs in any way.  Working together, we CAN ‘make a difference’(our mission) in the QZAB-eligible schools and in the lives of their students! Thanks.
Have a great, happy day!