CEFPI Partners with NEF to Help Schools to Get $550 Million QZAB Funds

cefpi_logoDear Members:

As part of our continuing effort to maximize your value as a member of CEFPI, we are pleased to inform you that we have formed a partnership with NEF (National Education Foundation), the national nonprofit leader in helping school districts to receive $1 million to $50 million zero interest Federal QZAB funds for school facilities improvement.

This is a unique opportunity for you to receive help in acquiring much-needed funds in these fiscally challenging times. To that end, we have asked NEF to help you receive a portion of the $575 million QZAB funds available nationally. See www.qzab.org for details. Your school district can also receive part of the $100 million STEM grants from NEF (see www.cyberlearning.org ).

NEF is planning to select 50 school districts to assist!

NEF will provide the federally mandated 10% Match Donation and QZAB STEM academy by NEF’s Academy partner, the acclaimed State University of New York (SUNY). The NEF STEM academy students advance a grade level in a subject like math in 25-35 learning hours, at no out of pocket cost to your district.

Use of Funds: Renovations, Equipment, Energy Efficiency or Renewable Energy, Technology, STEM

Fund Amount: All states have Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (QZAB) funds– quietly reauthorized by Congress, with NEF’s assurance – $575 million is available now. Apply for $1 to $50 million. See www.qzab.org for your state’s allocation.

Savings: NO INTEREST 30 year bonds! This means a huge 50% savings.    You can make it a 100% Grant with Energy Savings!

Eligibility: The first applicant in each state with 35% free/reduced lunch students nbso online casino reviews and need for funds for facilities.

EXTRA Benefit: The National Education Foundation will donate up to 50% match in terms of the top-rated Personalized Learning software.

Application: Take 2 minutes and apply at www.QZAB.org. Please contact NEF Chairman Dr. Appu Kuttan, philanthropist, advisor to national leaders, national expert in QZAB and STEM, and an acclaimed difference maker at 703-823-9999 akuttan@nefuniversity.org,

NEF will assist you with all aspects of QZAB from completing the simple application to financing, since NEF’s mission is to provide world-class educational facilities and STEM education to disadvantaged schools and their students, staff and parents.

Best regards,

John K. Ramsey, CAE


About NEF
The National Education Foundation (NEF) is the national non-profit leader in bridging the academic and financial divides in the nation’s schools by providing world-class education solutions in STEM to million plus disadvantaged students, teachers and parents. NEF has given over $110 million in matching grants enabling school districts nationally to receive over $1.1 Billion Federal Program funds.