$100,000 Cash Match for QZABss of $10 Million+

  • NEF is the national non-profit leader in QZABs, and the advisor to state QZABs directors
  • QZABs Match: NEF has given over $180 million in QZABs Match, meeting fully the IRS QZABs Match requirements
  • QZABs Academy: NEF, with SUNY (State University of NY), has set up world-class QZABs STEM+ academies, meeting fully IRS QZABs Academy mandates
  • NEF CAN help make your QZABs into a grant, with NO or little out-of-pocket cost
  • NEF CAN help you with all the QZABs steps at NO Cost to you

You can apply for up to $30 million QZAB allocation.
Please indicate your interest in any or all of the following: