NEF’s Invitation to Senators, House Members and Superintendents

May 8, 2014

The National Education Foundation (NEF), the national nonprofit leader in STEM education and QZAB, and SUNY (State University of NY), and NEF Chairman Dr. Appu Kuttan would like to invite you to NEF’s 2013-14  National  STEM Leadership AWARD ceremony on 5/28/14 at Valley View, PA.

The Award recognizes Tri-Valley School District’s extra-ordinary accomplishment  in advancing their students a grade level in MATH in 22 learning hours on the NEF CyberLearning Total System. The PSL-MM-TT system includes Personalized learning using the top-rated Web-based courses, Stipends, Learning management system, Mentoring, Motivational rewards for students, teachers and parents, Teacher training and Tech support.

The NEF STEM academies are implemented by the State University of NY (SUNY) and local universities at a fee which is a fraction of Title I fees funded by the taxpayers.

NEF STEM academies guarantee student performance.

Travel Information: The closest International airport is Harrisburg, PA

Please RSVP to Tamara Stephens, or  703-823-9999

We will send you the Schedule for the Day (May 29, 2013)

PS. Merit Award winners: Seattle, WA & Warren County, PA